Search Engines: Driving Efficiency in Data Marketplaces

In today’s fast-paced data marketplaces, particularly within the finance sector, the importance of search engines to find the proper data is undeniable. These platforms are essential for managing vast data resources effectively, transforming how data assets are accessed and utilized. As data is already one of the most valuable assets in digital economies, search engines … Read more

FAME Unveiled: Exploring Trends, Concepts, and EU Impact on Federated Marketplaces and Embedded Finance

As part of Horizon Europe, FAME, led by GFT Italia, receives support from the eco Association and other leading European organizations to develop a trusted solution for secure data management. FAME: eco Supports EU Project for Financial Services FAME’s objective is to create a secure federated data marketplace for embedded finance (EmFi). This should soon … Read more

What is the Federated Data Asset Catalog (FDAC)?

The Federated Data Assets Catalogue (FDAC) is responsible for storing and indexing all the information regarding the data assets of FAME, which represent multiple types of content, ranging from datasets to AI models, services, or relevant documentation. This Federated Data Assets Catalogue (FDAC) is able not only to represent assets originated from FAME activities but … Read more

The FAME Assets Policy Manager

Unlocking Secure Asset Management: Introducing Assets Policy Manager (APM) In the dynamic world of digital assets, security and accessibility are paramount. We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes asset management within the FAME project: the Assets Policy Manager (APM). Developed by project partner UBITECH, the APM sets the standard for secure asset … Read more

Energy Efficient and Incremental Analytics in FAME

In the heart of the FAME integrated solution lies the Incremental Analytics component. The purpose of this component is twofold: firstly, as its name implies, to provide analytic operations in an incremental fashion. That means that the result of an analytical query (i.e. aggregation, summarization, counting, etc.) is not being calculated each time a request … Read more

FAME participates in the “2024 Data Spaces Symposium”, in Darmstadt

The “2024 Data Spaces Symposium”, an important and inspiring meeting for industry leaders shaping the data economy, took place in March, where FAME was represented by Motor Oil Hellas (MOH), one of the project partners. This event, held 12-14 March in Darmstadt (Frankfurt, Germany) fostered crucial connections with a diverse range of stakeholders, including academic … Read more

Transforming Embedded Finance with Data Marketplaces

Greetings, FAME followers! We’re excited to introduce you to the FAME project, a federated, secured marketplace for accessing any type of data asset and any kind of data infrastructure. As a pilot, DAEM is eager to demonstrate the potential of FAME in leveraging data to provide personalized services to citizens of Athens, starting with the … Read more

Leveraging Large Language Models for Financial Predictions

In the world of finance, where every decision can have significant ramifications, the possibility of predicting market movements is invaluable. Traditionally, analysts have relied on a combination of data analysis, market trends, and expert insights to make informed predictions. However, in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), new paths for analysis and prediction have emerged. … Read more

FAME takes stock of the latest progress made in the project at its 3rd General Assembly

On the 26th and 27th of March 2024, FAME’s General Assembly took place at the Science Park in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), showcasing significant progress towards its goal of revolutionising the integrated finance (EmFi) landscape. During the General Assembly, exciting developments propelling us towards the realization of a federated marketplace and data space within the realm … Read more

Materialization of non-material goods

Picture a logistics firm subscribing to weather forecasts, a mobile provider offering data packages, or individuals participating in webinars and streaming movies online. Information goods, such as data and digital products, permeate various aspects of modern life, from business operations to entertainment consumption, illustrating their omnipresence and interdisciplinary nature. Data as a Commodity: From Byproduct … Read more