The Project

FAME’s main goal is to develop, integrate, validate and offer as a publicly accessible service Europe’s first federated, decentralized, trusted and energy efficient data assets marketplace for EmFi.
Decentralized, programmable, data assets trading and pricing leveraging blockchain tokenization Integration of trusted and EE analytics based on innovative technologies such as Quantitative Explainable AI (XAI), Situation Aware Explainability (SAX), incremental energy efficient analytics, and power-efficient edge analytics.

Unique Features of the Fame Marketplace:

Federated Data Marketplace

FAME will provide the means for integrating, pricing and trading data assets from interconnected, federated data management infrastructures, including heterogeneous data spaces and data marketplaces. The project will provide the means for aggregating and integrating data assets from different providers in a federated catalogue (FDAC).

Decentralized and Programmable Data Assets Trading and Monetization

FAME will offer access to a novel decentralized approach to keeping track of metadata and the lifecycle of data assets leveraging high-performance, energy-efficient permissioned blockchain technology.

The Project will implement a variety of trading and monetization schemes, integrated in smart contracts. FAME will implement value-based trading and pricing schemes for unique assets that will accruevalue into NFTs.

Trustworthy and Energy Efficient Analytics

FAME will offer a pool of powerful, trustworthy and energy efficient analytics tools.