Objectives & Ambition

Federated Marketplace
From Centralized Cloud Marketplaces ot Federated Multi-Cloud Data Spaces with European Values
Unified Data & Security Policy Management for Federated Services
Security & Compliance across Diverse Data Spaces
Federated Data Catalogues based on Semantic Interoperability of EmFi Data Assets
A Federated Data Assets Catalogue (FDAC), which will integrate FAIR data assets from the different data providers and marketplaces that connect to FAME.
Decentralized Programmble Data Assets Trading & Monetization (incl. Value Accrual in NFT)
Decentralized, programmable, value-based trading and monetization techniques based on blockchain tokenization technologies
Trusted, Privacy Friendly and Energy Efficient Analytics
Toolbox of XAI techniques, including Situation Aware Explainability (SAX) and Quantitative XAI, Energy Efficient Incremental Analytics Framework and related Middleware implementation and Edge AI techniques (FML, EML) for power efficient machine learning.
FAME Training Programs & Learning Center
Addressing needs of Tech & Non-Tech Professionals in the Data Economy
Novel Embedded Finance Use Cases
Use the FAME marketplace platform to access, trade, buy, sell, and use data assets in real-life EmFi pilots and use cases (UCs).