Towards designing a user-friendly Data Marketplace

June 21, 2024

Within its complete implemented environment, FAME will provide an integrated user-friendly end-to-end User Interface (UI) facilitating the interaction of the FAME stakeholders with all the involved FAME supported processes and functionalities through its Data Marketplace. Such UI, namely the FAME Dashboard, will be designed and implemented for providing an interface that will be aesthetically pleasing and simple to use, inviting all the FAME stakeholders (both technical and non-technical ones) to further explore all the associated capabilities and components of the overall platform. As a result, User Experience (UX) will be enhanced with an emphasis on streamlining complicated FAME-related activities (such as searching, monetization, and trading), guaranteeing fluid navigation, and ensuring that end-users can perform their tasks with ease. Thus, a strong brand identity will be built, helping towards transforming FAME to a widely known single-entry point of data assets and functionalities related with Embedded Finance (EmFi) applications.

To successfully achieve such implementation and create a user-friendly and ease-to-use Data Marketplace environment, a specific methodology will be followed to fulfill the different FAME Data Marketplace requirements, ensuring that all end-users’ needs and expectations will be covered. Thus, this methodology will consider both UI and UX aspects, which are considered in general critical when designing digital products. In deeper detail, such methodology will follow the discrete steps of:

  • Collecting all the business and technical requirements that should be considered and fully covered by the time of the complete platform release.
  • Creating a detailed Visual Sitemap of all the supported UIs of the platform.
  • Generating the required Wireframes of all the existing UIs to depict their overall layout and structure.
  • Performing templatization to create reusable components across all the platform’s UIsç.
  • Implementing the Mockups of all the required UIs to depict all the colors, the fonts, and the aesthetics that should be put into place into the UIs, and finally.
  • Developing the required UIs to be fully functional and interactive by communicating with the underlying services and processes.

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