FAME is a joint effort of world-class experts in data management, data technologies, the data economy, and digital finance.

To develop and launch to the global market a unique, trustworthy, energy-efficient, and secure federated data marketplace for Embedded Finance (EmFi).

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The FAME marketplace will alleviate the proclaimed limitations of centralized cloud marketplaces towards demonstrating the full potential of the data economy.

FAME’s developments will be integrated in a single federated data marketplace platform, which will become (openly and publicly) accessible based on OpenAPIs. The platform will be operational in a federated cloud environment with multiple providers of different types of data assets, including datasets, AI/ML models, analytical insights and more.

Single federated data marketplace platform.

Discover, Exchange and Trade Data Assets across heterogeneous data platforms and Marketplaces.

Managing Data in-line with European Values.

Learning Center (LC) for tech and non-tech users.

Transparency and Flexibility in Market-Driven Value-based Monetization.

Interconnected marketplace with more than twelve (12+) existing data marketplaces