Decentralized Identity Management in Data Marketplaces

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) represents a transformative approach in the realm of digital identity management. Shifting away from traditional, centralized models, SSI places the control of personal identity squarely in the hands of individuals. By leveraging advanced technologies like blockchain and cryptography, it enables users to create, manage, and present their own identities without reliance on … Read more

FAME: Demo #2

In the last few months, FAME partners have had their hands full with the development and implementation of two brand new demos showcasing some of the most horizontal functionalities FAME will offer. In this post, we summarize the second demo, which is related with showing some of the analytics WP5 is going to offer to … Read more

FAME: Delivering on the EU Data Strategy

Data is Omnipresent Data is omnipresent. Whether it is information (structured data), knowledge (combined information), experience (used knowledge) or otherwise, and whether it resides between our ears, in libraries, in sensors, in digital wallets, online or other systems and environments. Perhaps that is the reason why the notion of data is so difficult to grasp. … Read more

JRC Capital Management builds ESG portfolio optimization in FAME platform

JRC Capital Management has published an article about FAME & Pilot#5 on a professional web portal for the financial sector in Germany. The article is publicly available in the following link: Everyone is talking about sustainable investments and ESG, but have you ever asked yourself, “How does sustainable portfolio optimization actually work” “Can I … Read more

Wallets and the Transformation of Transactions

Wallet services are at the heart of tomorrow’s payment systems. In a cashless world, digital wallets are becoming ever more important. Whether it relates to increasing security requirements, technological advances or optimised user experiences, the success of these services will depend on how providers adapt to the future. Discover what the key components and perspectives … Read more

Trust and Collaboration: The Enablers of Digital Business Models and Ecosystems

Emma Wehrwein Project Manager Digital Business Models Lauresha Memeti Project Manager Cloud Services & Gaia-X Eco’s Emma Wehrwein and Lauresha Memeti argue that the key to unlocking the power of digital ecosystems lies in building trust and collaboration; technically, legally, and socially. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing digital world, businesses must adapt to stay competitive … Read more

Innovative financial solutions require a strong data infrastructure

No matter whether it comes down to online shops, news websites or streaming services – in a digitalised world, companies want to seamlessly integrate financial services with such non-financial platforms. From compliance issues to the promotion of financial inclusion – which is a new buzzword – everything has to be thought through. But how can … Read more