FAME participates in the “2024 Data Spaces Symposium”, in Darmstadt

April 19, 2024

The “2024 Data Spaces Symposium”, an important and inspiring meeting for industry leaders shaping the data economy, took place in March, where FAME was represented by Motor Oil Hellas (MOH), one of the project partners. This event, held 12-14 March in Darmstadt (Frankfurt, Germany) fostered crucial connections with a diverse range of stakeholders, including academic experts, cloud service providers, regulators, AI specialists, legal professionals, developers and more.
MOH effectively conveyed the FAME project’s goals and ongoing efforts, while also engaging in insightful discussions focused on data monetization strategies and their real-world applications gleaned from other Horizon Europe projects.

A key takeaway from the symposium was the promising European Data Economy’s reliance on trustworthy platforms that house high-quality, readily accessible data. Another critical theme centered on the need for well-defined business models that can empower data space and marketplace initiatives within the digital European landscape. MOH believes that fostering a culture of secure and efficient data sharing within the dynamic energy market can be mutually beneficial for businesses while simultaneously serving the greater community. This vision can be realized by supporting local SMEs in developing products that offer win-win scenarios and by equipping academia with valuable training data for research endeavors, ultimately nurturing the next generation of industry leaders.

The FAME data marketplace embodies MOH’s commitment to addressing this challenge. Through this initiative, MOH aims to strategically position itself for success in the foreseeable future, ensuring Europe’s strength within the global energy ecosystem.

Aristotelis Ntafalias is a project manager in MOH, with a background in civil engineering and a master’s degree in environmental protection. Aristotelis has transitioned into the dynamic field of energy management in recent years and data abalysis is now an integral part of his daily work.

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