Transforming Embedded Finance with Data Marketplaces

April 16, 2024

Greetings, FAME followers!

We’re excited to introduce you to the FAME project, a federated, secured marketplace for accessing any type of data asset and any kind of data infrastructure. As a pilot, DAEM is eager to demonstrate the potential of FAME in leveraging data to provide personalized services to citizens of Athens, starting with the existing smart parking application.

What is FAME?

FAME stands for “Federated Marketplace for Embedded Finance.” It represents a paradigm shift in how data assets and infrastructure are accessed, exchanged, and utilized within the realm of EmFi. FAME prioritizes security, interoperability, and compliance, aligning with emerging European initiatives.

Key Objectives of FAME

  • Secured, federated and regulatory-compliant data exchange across cloud-based providers.
  • Design and implement decentralized, programmable, value-based trading and monetization techniques based on blockchain.
  • Provide toolbox for trustworthy and energy efficient analytics.

Our Role in FAME

As a pilot company, DAEM aims to showcase the capabilities of FAME in an urban context, leveraging the existing smart parking application. The main goal is to demonstrate how existing data and data from FAME can be utilized to offer additional finance-related services to citizens, enhancing their overall experience and convenience.

Demonstrating EmFi Services

DAEM use case within FAME involves creating a citizen’s EmFi profile by leveraging existing parking data. This profile enables the generation of personalized offers and recommendations for citizens, such as discounts for batch purchases of parking tickets.

Join Us on the FAME Journey

We invite you to join this innovative journey. Stay tuned for updates as we showcase the potential of FAME in enhancing citizen-centric services and driving innovation in EmFi.

George Kouzas, Project Manager of FAME, DAEM

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