IBM chaired the 2nd Process Management in the AI Era workshop (PMAI) at IJCAI 2023

September 11, 2023

By Fabiana Fournier and Lior Limonad, IBM Research – Israel

The second international workshop on Process Management in the AI Era (PMAI23) was held on August 19th in Macao, S.A.R. The workshop was held in conjunction with the 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), the premier international gathering of researchers in AI. PMAI2023 was chaired by Dr. Lior Limonad and Dr. Fabiana Fournier from IBM Research, who is a partner in the FAME EU project.

Achieving a synergetic combination between AI and Process Management (PM) poses foundational, conceptual, and technical challenges. The PMAI workshop aims at bringing together researchers from different research disciplines to promote the synergy between AI and PM to address these challenges.  This event was held as a one-day workshop, including an invited talk. The topics in the workshop covered theoretical foundations, technology development, and real-world applications associated with process management and AI, including eXplainable AI for process management and process mining, natural language processing, predictive and prescriptive monitoring, and trajectory mining.

The PMAI 2023 programme featured an invited talk by Prof. Claudio Di Ciccio and two presentation sessions that showcased 2 full papers and 4 poster papers, all of which were accepted following a peer-reviewed process.

In addition to their role as workshop chairs, IBM also presented the paper “Why are my pizzas late?” authored by Dirk Fahland, Fabiana Fournier, Lior Limonad, Inna Skarbovsky, and Ava J.E. Swevels. This paper describes the work in the area of Situation-Aware eXplainability (SAX) around concepts developed in the scope of the FAME project.