The FAME Assets Policy Manager

April 24, 2024

Unlocking Secure Asset Management: Introducing Assets Policy Manager (APM)

In the dynamic world of digital assets, security and accessibility are paramount. We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes asset management within the FAME project: the Assets Policy Manager (APM). Developed by project partner UBITECH, the APM sets the standard for secure asset management, ensuring that the right people have access to the right assets at the right time.

What is Assets Policy Manager?

At its core, Assets Policy Manager (APM) is the guardian of asset security within the FAME project. This innovative component offers dual functionality critical for FAME’s seamless operation:

  • Policy Lifecycle Management: The APM empowers FAME users to oversee the complete lifecycle of the policies of the assets they own and/or manage within FAME. By leveraging a Rule-Based Access Control (RBAC) model, the APM combines user and organizational attributes to create nuanced policy rules. As a Policy Decision Point (PDP), APM ensures that only authenticated and authorized individuals or organizations access assets, acting as the central authority for access control enforcement throughout the system.
  • User Asset Overview: The APM provides end-users with a comprehensive list of assets they have access to, whether uploaded by themselves, their organization, or acquired through active contracts. This transparency fosters effective asset management, empowering users to track and manage their assets portfolio effortlessly.

The Power Behind APM: Technical Specifications

The strength of APM lies in its modular architecture, comprising two essential modules:

  • Assets Policy Editor: This module enables asset owners to define access policies based on confidentiality levels (Confidential, Public, Restricted). With an intuitive UI and REST API support, defining policies is a breeze, ensuring seamless integration with other FAME components.
  • Assets Policy Engine: Serving as the Policy Decision Point (PDP), the Engine determines asset visibility and ownership for users, ensuring access to only relevant assets based on defined policies and user attributes. Through seamless integration with other FAME modules, including Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) and Trading and Monetization (T&M), the Engine delivers consistent and secure access control.

Driving Innovation, Ensuring Security

The inception of the APM stems from the FAME project’s technical requirements, addressing critical objectives outlined in deliverable D2.1. By fulfilling requirements associated with the ability to manage and enforce access and visibility restrictions on assets, based on defined criteria, the support of access to the security policies of the underlying data marketplaces and data spaces, the ability to acquire and (locally) download discovered assets that are hosted in different marketplaces, data spaces, the ability to identify and discover assets that are hosted in different marketplaces and more, the APM cements its role as a cornerstone of the FAME ecosystem, enabling efficient access management and policy enforcement.

Unlock the Potential of Your Assets with APM

In conclusion, the Assets Policy Manager (APM) represents a leap forward in asset management within the FAME project. Its robust features, intuitive design, and seamless integration empower FAME end-users to manage assets securely and transparently.

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