What is the Federated Data Asset Catalog (FDAC)?

April 26, 2024

The Federated Data Assets Catalogue (FDAC) is responsible for storing and indexing all the information regarding the data assets of FAME, which represent multiple types of content, ranging from datasets to AI models, services, or relevant documentation.

This Federated Data Assets Catalogue (FDAC) is able not only to represent assets originated from FAME activities but also to index assets deriving from external sources, such as relevant Data Spaces or Data Marketplaces. All the information about the assets will be made available to any FAME component that requires such information for its operation.

The main FDAC Functionalities that can be accessed via REST API and Web Interface are:

  • Add/Get info/Edit an Asset;
  • Search for an Asset:
    • Using Name, Tags, Owner.
  • API supports different semantic models (currently DCAT);
  • Plugin systems allow to add support for additional asset metadata and new visualisation capabilities (in the FDAC dashboard).

At the same time, it is possible to index assets in external systems by:

  • Usage of Resolvers with custom logic (executed periodically) to get information from external systems;
  • Example of external systems (to be supported):
    • GAIA-X systems;
    • Pilot’s systems.

Despite all these FDAC functionalities, it is expected, at least, two more, in the future, which are support for assets versioning and provide asset statistics (nr. Purchases/downloads, etc.).

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