FAME Unveiled: Exploring Trends, Concepts, and EU Impact on Federated Marketplaces and Embedded Finance

As part of Horizon Europe, FAME, led by GFT Italia, receives support from the eco Association and other leading European organizations to develop a trusted solution for secure data management. FAME: eco Supports EU Project for Financial Services FAME’s objective is to create a secure federated data marketplace for embedded finance (EmFi). This should soon … Read more

FAME participates in the “2024 Data Spaces Symposium”, in Darmstadt

The “2024 Data Spaces Symposium”, an important and inspiring meeting for industry leaders shaping the data economy, took place in March, where FAME was represented by Motor Oil Hellas (MOH), one of the project partners. This event, held 12-14 March in Darmstadt (Frankfurt, Germany) fostered crucial connections with a diverse range of stakeholders, including academic … Read more

Transforming Embedded Finance with Data Marketplaces

Greetings, FAME followers! We’re excited to introduce you to the FAME project, a federated, secured marketplace for accessing any type of data asset and any kind of data infrastructure. As a pilot, DAEM is eager to demonstrate the potential of FAME in leveraging data to provide personalized services to citizens of Athens, starting with the … Read more

Can sentiment explanations make you richer?

Let’s imagine for a moment that an algo-trading company, “Fin-Sent-X,” has enabled a new market platform through which anyone can subscribe to any of its machine learning (ML) models. These models can predict future financial indicators, such as changes in stock value, based on historical news feeds. According to the company’s website, their newly developed … Read more

FAME forges ahead: 7 Pilot Projects Gaining Momentum

FAME (Federated decentralized trusted dAta Marketplace for Embedded finance) is a joint effort of world-class experts in data management, the data economy, data technologies, and data finance that aim to develop, deploy and launch a unique, trustworthy, energy-efficient and secure federated data marketplace for Embedded Finance (EmFi) to the global market. The goal of the … Read more